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A brand system, suite of marketing tools and digital learning platform help increase brand awareness to make storytelling accessible for all.

We’ve been supporting Stronger Stories for four years now, it all started with developing their visual brand.

Building their brand system then led to us creating their website and a digital learning platform, to help tell their story and enables others too.

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Visual storytelling

The original brand had some strong foundations, but needed some refinement to build a stronger more consistent brand identity. Additionally, the mission had shifted since its creation and it now needed more breadth. It needed to be able to flex its style and tone to appeal not only to environmental activist like Extinction Rebellion, but also to charities, tech entrepreneurs and world leading organisations like the UNDP.

Storytelling is what underpins Stronger Stories so we developed a unique and playful graphic style. Each image fulfils a set of criteria; they needed to feel part of a wider story, they must be inclusive, and they must invoke a sense of movement and hope.

Collage illustrations are combined with poster textures, cut-out speech bubbles, and grainy black and white images to give the brand a ‘zine’ like feel. Balanced with plenty of white space and careful colour pairings, the zine style is just a hint at Stronger Stories’ mission to create storytelling movement.

Brand building blocks

We created and defined a system of brand ‘building blocks’, designed to enable the Stronger Stories team to work with their new brand creatively, whilst maintaining the Stronger Stories look and feel. We built the brand system as a Figma prototype which enables it to be a living, evolving and collaborative document. The guide includes an asset library, linked to dropbox, to enable team members to download assets, alongside guidance on how to use them.

The storytelling school

The website needed to wear many hats; an enticing brochure website to attract consultancy leads, introduce affordable subscription packages for the storytelling school and provide access to the learning platform itself.

Online modules are housed within the school platform with user friendly UI elements and bold collage graphics, to guide learners on their learning journey. An extensive component library was designed for flexible page layouts and varied content types, such as videos tutorials, set-by-step guides and models.

We worked with our partner web development agency BozBoz, to help build the brochure website and learning platform with advanced functionality. WordPress plugins were integrated into the CMS for the team to easily create and refresh modules, courses and lessons.

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