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We transformed People United's website from a filing cabinet of archived work to proudly showcasing their creativity, insights and success in exploring radical kindness.

People United’s website is full of inspiring content, but previously their strongest work and core brand message were buried in low-level pages.

The density of the website content made what they do seem complex to those outside of the organisation. We changed the way the team view and treat the website, to be designed specifically for their network of artists, community organisations, participants, researchers and supporters.

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Reshaping the site structure

Having looked at the challenge from both the users’ and of People United’s perspectives, we set about creating a new information architecture, that knitted together to meet both sets of needs.

We established that the old ‘archive of everything we do’ structure was not meeting the users’ needs as it delivered content without wider context, leaving users confused. This resulted in a lack of engagement, with users not exploring the website further and leaving People United’s excellent work undiscovered.

The new information architecture re-positioned the content as ‘stories’ and overarching project ‘narratives’. Stories are interconnected and sorted into groups to enable category filtering on the homepage Latest feed and across the site.

Building the visual toolkit

By reviewing their visual brand and other organisations within their field, it was clear that the website needed to feel radical and active. To avoid the soft and fluffy visual style often associated with kindness.

We expanded their brand toolkit by creating a set of complimentary and contrasting shapes for their different areas of work. This gives the brand more flexibility, visually conveys  ‘United across difference’ and truly captures People United’s strength and dynamism.

The website build

With a rich tapestry of content there was a lot of up-front thought required with the build, about how to structure the data so that it would all be available where it was needed; keeping maximum flexibility whilst still being clearly segmented and intuitive in the admin system.

A thoughtful approach with attention to detail ensured all the flourishes and other details of the design behaved as they should on all window sizes between the provided layouts, so that every user can see the brilliant designs in all their glory. A challenging build, but lots of fun to work on, with a great team and great client.

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