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Berchen’s new brand encapsulates their fun loving spirit and the premium quality of their kitchens. We rolled this out across marketing materials and a new website which has enabled Berchen to grow their product range across Europe.

In 2002 Berchen's founders Chris and Helen, moved from the UK to the Alps, where they have always been happiest. The endless views that morph with the seasons, the alpine sports that keep them young. Yet they’re so up-close to the impact climate change is having on the mountains they adore.

Berchen makes bespoke birch plywood kitchens for the homemakers, the entertainers and the joyseekers. They’re thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted with the welfare of our planet in mind.

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An elegant name

The brand’s previous name, Alpine Skye, no longer felt fitting for the organisation. So we worked with Brand Strategist Rose, to run a naming workshop with Chris and Helen to uncover their taste and aspirations for a new name, before coming up with a range of meaningful options for them to choose from.

After testing a shortlist with a number of prospective customers, they decided on Berchen: a made-up word inspired by birch + kitchen, with a modern, European feel.

Their new name was matched with an elegant logo design, the sloping and curved letterforms are a subtle nod to the mountains they adore. The new visual identity is much like their kitchens – created with craftsmanship and care.

The brand concept

A strategic review was carried out to understand the birchwood furniture retail landscape and Berchen’s place within it. To stand out from competitor furniture retailers, we developed a wonderfully weird concept around the unexpected joy of staying in; of dinner parties with friends, kitchen discos and stories shared of their day on the slopes.

The discovery phase also uncovered the true purpose, values and personality of Berchen and the needs and lifestyles of their customers. Chris and Helen had a background in adventure sports and hospitality, and it was clear that their fun loving spirit was going to be key to the success of their newest brand.

Brand application

Sales proposals, presentations and visual assets were created in Canva, Pinterest-worthy moodboards informed the brands overlapping shapes, colours, textures and weird and wonderful collage cutouts. Reusable elements which were beautifully simple to edit and adapt, enabling them to become more self-sufficient when creating social content and new materials.

The website design combined real-life photography with imaginative graphics. The photographic style we defined highlights the joyful moments in everyday life and the beautiful details of a Berchen kitchen. Website copy was written in a lively, conversational style for the entire site, creating a cohesive tone from the strapline to the FAQs.

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