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Written by Becky
Co-Creative director

Clear communication, precise planning, collaboration, and smooth processes are what adds to the enjoyable experience of working with us and to the success of a creative project.

Combining our creative thinking with digital tools are integral to our process. Here are some examples of the best tools you’ll be introduced to when we work together…


FigJam is our go-to tool for virtual workshops. It makes them engaging and almost as human as in-person workshops.*

*although we do miss the tasty M&S cookies we’d usually devour together during a break.

The simple-to-use whiteboard, with comment functionality, clean interface and funky stickers makes it fun when workshopping. Whether it’s mapping out a user’s needs, defining your brand personality or creating moodboards together.

FigJam is integrated with our design tool Figma, this allows us to design beautiful and on-brand workshop boards and activities, helping our clients build a stronger connection with us as a brand. This matters most when we’re not able to welcome them into our real-life working space.

Finally, it’s speedy and reliable. Let’s admit it, a frozen screen can be a bit awkward when on the crux of discovering something great!

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Giving written feedback, whether to designers or developers, can become really time consuming if you’re trying to maintain a respectful and encouraging tone (which is important to us at MakeGood). This is why one of our favourite tools for quickly explaining a bit of feedback is Loom.

It lets you record your screen, and talk through feedback nice and quickly without the tone of your message being misconstrued in text. Loom lets you quickly share a link to your video and even lets you know when people view the video.

Screen recordings can also be a really good way to practice talking about your work to your clients, if you’re less confident at doing this.

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The best design comes from collaboration; when there’s no ‘us and them’. Instead we become part of our partner’s and client’s team when working together on a project.

Because of its intuitive design, open source community, and collaborative features, Figma is our chosen tool for designing websites, digital products and brand systems.

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While there are many solutions out there which claim to do everything you need in one place, we’ve found Notion to be the one that works best for us. We use it as a collaborative workspace within the team where we can keep track of clients and projects, draft contracts and agreements, and keep a check on our ‘to-dos’.

But we’ll always try to use what works best for everyone, so if you’re Trello or ClickUp users we’re happy to use those too!

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There can be some design snobbery when it comes to Canva. But we feel with the right brand toolkit, it helps make design more inclusive and accessible.

When working on brand projects, we always aim to empower clients by providing them with the tools to grow their brand.

Setting up a brand toolkit, asset library, guidelines and templates within Canva makes it easy for anyone within your team to edit or create branded content.

It’s Canva’s affordability for smaller organisations, intuitive design and drag and drop functionality which we love the most.

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