The importance of our values

And how they drive what we do

Portrait photograph of Becky, a woman with shoulder length dark brown hair and a fringe.
Written by Becky
Co-Creative director

We pride ourselves on being a values-led agency. That’s what “MakeGood” is all about. We believe the best design should belong to those who are reimagining and remaking our world for the better, and we want our work to be a part of this.

When we embarked on our own rebrand recently one of the things that was really important to us was solidifying what our values are.

We worked with brand strategist Emmie Spencer to articulate what it is that we do, how we do it, and what our values are.

This helped us to develop a refreshed brand for ourselves, but also helped us to envisage what the road ahead might look like for MakeGood – starting from a place of confidence in who we are, what we offer, and why we’re doing it.

Our Values


Brilliance – Good enough isn’t good enough

We create work that is both beautiful and brilliantly effective. Good enough isn’t good enough for us and we always push to make work that we can all be proud of and is among the best in the industry. We encourage our clients and collaborators to go beyond what’s familiar or easy too because this is where the best work happens.


Empathy – We know that we’re all human

We take a human-centered approach to design and always make sure our work has meaning and value to the people it’s for. You’ll see this in the way we work with our clients and collaborators too. We build happy and productive relationships so that the process is as good as the end product. 


Tenacity – Get it done with grace and good humour

A great idea remains just that without the perseverance to see it through and get it into the world. We’ve worked in the industry long enough to know that great design isn’t just about “a-ha” moments and awards. Sometimes it means starting again or having hard conversations. We get things done with grace and good humour, no matter how difficult it might get.


Bravery – Courage calls to courage everywhere

It takes guts to build a business that’s founded on the idea that business as usual isn’t working anymore. We’re uncompromising in our belief that design has to do good, not just look good, and we’re clear about what projects we will and won’t work on. We’re creatively courageous too, and make bold, surprising work that does what it needs to even if it’s not always in a way that’s expected.

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